São Paulo
Av. Nove de Julho, 5109 - 9º andar
01407-200 - São Paulo, SP
Tel.: + 55 11 3067-5050 | Fax.: + 55 11 3079-5404


ASGV Advogados is a Law firm that has as its primarily objective to offer integrated legal solutions in terms of Corporate Law, understood as a large and complex area of law practice, which accommodates mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, succession, family and company reorganization, corporate governance, foreign productive investment, commercial agreements and outsourcing.

Recognized for advising foreign-funded enterprises, especially of French origin, as well as family-owned companies, ASGV has with its customers long-term relationships based on trust and agility on the services provided.

The Law firm is also experienced in Civil Law, Tax, Social Security, Labor and Regulatory.Another important area of practice that is handled by a specific team of professionals is of Mediation.

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